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Care Net Consultants is a leading Occupational Health Service Provider that was started more than 16 year ago by Sr Ani Bakker. We now have a national mobile footprint as well as fixed walk in clinics in Gauteng and the Western Cape. We service large listed corporate companies as well as small contractors and have in previous years done more than 40000 medicals annually.

Our Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners and Occupational Medical Practitioners take great pride in our medical surveillance programs and strive to update them regularly to stay in line with SASOM, SASOHN and SANC guidelines.


Pre-placement / Pre-employment medical

This medical is performed before a prospective employee is employed in a specific role or transferred to another position. This is to assess whether an employee is suitable in terms of physical and psychological capabilities and the demands the job will place on the individual.

Annual / Periodic medical examination

The aim of periodic examinations is the early detection of occupational disease where it occurs in order to limit the consequences of exposure. Early detection of communicable diseases like TB is an important preventive function of the OHNP. The early detection and treatment of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy and alcoholism are also of great importance and require regular monitoring and supervision.

Exit medical examinations

On termination of employment of service a comprehensive examination in the form of an exit examination should be carried out in order to determine whether the person has developed an occupational disease or has sustained an injury for which compensation might be claimed at a later stage





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With more than 16 years’ industry experience we have changed the lives of many patients and have been a partner to many organisations where we have prevented unnecessary accidents on site.

We pride ourselves on our highly qualified professional staff

We offer on-site mobile occupational health units

Occupational medical certificates at competitive prices

We are a BEE value-adding supplier

Online management system to manage your occupational medicals for you, keeping you in control

Care Net Consultants combines Accountability, Resilience, Innovation, Excellence and Communication with a uniquely flexible (custom-made) approach to conducting medicals.

We travel nationally, we are the convenient solution for your on-site mobile medical services, requirements and needs!!!

Why send your employees off-site to do occupational health medicals? We come to you with our on-site 24/7 service!

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