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Occupational Health Medicals

Workplace health and safety solutions for all industries.

Occupational Health Medical Consultants

About us

Care Net Consultants is a leading provider of occupational health medical certificates and specialised training in workplace safety.

We have the largest network of mobile clinics across South Africa offering on-site medicals, as well as four fixed clinics. A comprehensive online solution to manage medicals completes our exceptional service.

Our Services

Tailor-Made Medicals To Suit Your Industry Needs

We offer comprehensive on-site and walk-in medicals to all industries that must comply with the strict regulations set out in the Occupational Health & Safety Act.
Construction Medicals
Manufacturing & Engineering
Food Handling

Safety and Risk Services Coupled With Expert Training

Care Net Consultants offers an all-inclusive risk assessment and training service to achieve complete occupational health and safety compliance for your business.

We have been using the service from Care Net since the inception of the project in October 2018 and have now used the same services for our other projects. The service rendered is a very convenient one for the line of work that we do and unfortunately some of the times we request the services in remote areas. I must applaud the teams and say we have worked with a couple of professionals, especially with carrying out the medicals on the sites we request.

Ongeziwe Ngcetane
Ongeziwe Ngcetane

We have the largest network of mobile clinics across South Africa.