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Does education and training help improve safety in the workplace?

Does education and training help improve safety in the workplace?

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), the number of occupational injuries is 6300 per day in the nation. The Labour Ministry of Zambia estimates that the number of fatal injuries is over 3 every day. Given these statistics, it becomes imperative for employers to safeguard the health and lives of their employees. Education and training serve as a significant means to build employee awareness regarding safety.

They can be educated about different types of occupational hazards. Training equips them with the knowledge and skills required to keep themselves safe.

How Education and Training Help Organizations?

With reliable safety training and education programmes, organizations can:

  • Ensure that employees do not fall ill often or get injured because of their work
  • Incorporate newer ways for managing health and safety better
  • Cultivate a work culture that focuses on safety and health of employees.
  • Instill a respect for safety in employees in a way that it becomes second nature to them
  • Be incompliance with law, which states that employers are responsible for their employees’ health and safety
  • Ensure that employees are more aware of their personal safety and health while at work
  • Lower the adverse effects that employee accidents and ill-health can result in, for the business
  • Prevent the financial impact associated with employee ill-health and accidents

How Education and Training Help Improve Safety?

Effective education and training on work-related health and safety can be imparted in many ways. Employees can be trained on the job, or they can be trained in a peer-to-peer setting. Worksite demonstrations are also a common teaching and training methodology. Regardless of the technique, effective education and training must aim at making employees capable of risk identification and control.

Well-planned programmes customize their concepts to the industry and the organizational set-up. Effective programmes improve health and safety standards because they:

Keep Employees Well-Informed

Education and training are crucial for employees to understand their work environment and the hazards associated with their work. For example, construction workers may not be fully aware of the chemicals or noise levels they might be exposing themselves to, in the course of their work. With construction-aligned training programmes, they can be made aware of the different elements they are exposed to, at work.

With occupational education programmes, employees understand why they need to be knowledgeable about health and safety. This awareness is more likely to make them realize the need for training to protect themselves.

Provide Practical Usable Knowledge

Effective occupational health and safety training is aimed at creating well-equipped employees who can put their knowledge to work during crisis situations. Good training teaches them to watch out for hazards while at work. It gives them hands-on knowledge about what to do and what not to, to handle themselves safely and effectively in hazardous environments. As important as training is, what makes it more valuable is continuous skill-gathering. It is good that you, as an organization, have decided to incorporate training and educational programs for your employees.But you make training the best tool only when you invest time, efforts and budget in continuous skill development. Continuous training equips your employees with up-to-date knowledge and skills in occupational safety.As the work environment transforms, your workforce will be better equipped to deal with the changes and safeguard themselves.

Create Confident Employees Who Put Safety First

Employees that fall sick often or get injured frequently at work become less motivated over time. Such employees fail to perform at work and soon become a liability for the company. With training and education, your employees become more aware of the risks facing them and well-prepared to overcome them. Well-informed employees put their health and safety first, which means they are less absent to work.

Robust health and a mental awareness that they can minimize their occupational risks make them more confident at work. Confident workers are naturally more productive. Overtime, such employees become a safety-enlightened workforce that promotes a safety-first work culture.

Make Employees Aware of their Legal Responsibility

Did you know people suffering from eye infections and aural discharges are not legally qualified to serve as food handlers? While laws pertaining to specific industries may seem simple, negligent non-compliance with them by your employees can lead to brand disrepute. Employees’ ignorance of law can tarnish your organization’s reputation.

Employees that receive occupational health and safety education and training are well-aware of their responsibilities at work, including legal compliance. Such employees elevate organizational safety standards. They also contribute to customers’ wellness by being responsible and legally-compliant.

In Conclusion

Work-related accidents and ill-health create employees with low morale. Damage to physical assets and loss of production are other unwanted consequences. With effective training and education, organizations create an empowered workforce that is capable of identifying and controlling hazards.

Care Net Consultants can be a valuable partner for organizations endeavouring to empower their employees. We offer comprehensive on-site and fixed medicals for industries where employees face the risk of occupational hazards.

We also offer customized risk-training programmes. We perform an in-depth risk assessment and provide hands-on training. Our training ensures a skilled workforce and your business’ legal compliance.

Contact us for more information.

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Nargis Pathan
Nargis Pathan

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Ongeziwe Ngcetane

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Barnard Potgieter

From general construction medicals to operator medicals Ruwacon conducts their medicals at Care Net, make use of Care Net facilities or the mobile medical bus to conduct medicals at construction sites within the Western Cape. The convenience to conduct medicals on-site save time and money that benefit both parties, ensure happy clients.

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Khumo Ganyane

The service received from Care Net is excellent. I would rate the following services I received from the company:
Booking confirmations: I give 10 out of 10
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Issuing of medical certificates: 10 out 10. Medicals are available at the quickest turnaround time.

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Lucy Jiyane